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Optical Rubber Fiber Sensor


Optical fiber-embedded rubber rod (made of natural rubber) is buried and integrated in the ground to measure a continuous strain along with the ground deformation. This is an effective monitoring system for the ground deformations in excavation and landslide.

Acoustic Wave Tomography(Joint research with JFE)

Visualization technique for the ground structure by the equivalent technology to CT scanning ・ High precision survey by acoustic wave of high frequency controlled accurately. ・ Wide-area survey by pseudo random wave. ・ Technological evaluation with two kinds of outputs (velocity and amplitude attenuation ratio).

Ground Survey by Acousstic Wave Tomogrphy

Universal Displacement Gauge

Universal Displacement Gauge is composed of the displacement gauge and the clinometer attached to the connected rod, which realizes high precision and real time measurement of two dimensional deformations in various shapes.

Earth Pressure Tranducer (Pad-type)

The Pad-type Earth Pressure Transducer is an earth pressure gauge whose receiving pressure side is a large-scale oil pressure pad. An average earth pressure (load) that exerts on the receiving side can be measured in high accuracy. There are a lot of applications of Pad-type Earth Pressure Transducer for measurement management of different kind of grounds. Within this sensor, it can help to understand the earth pressure and other load that act on the shield segments.