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Word in bold means the member of our company. The followings are the published papers written in English.
Author Title Magazine Vol Page Year Category
Hashimoto Tadashi
Liu Yujian
New Technologies for Underground Construction in Soft Ground of Urban Area Tunnel Construction(China) Vol.32, No.3 pp.261~269 2012.6 new technology, underground construction, soft ground
Hashimoto Tadashi New Technologies for Shallow to Deep Underground Construction in Urban Area International Symposium on Advances in Ground Technology and Geo-information/Singapore pp.41~56 2011.12 new technologiy, underground construction
Hashimoto Tadashi
Liu Yujian
New Technologies for Underground Construction in Soft Ground of Urban Area Proceedings of China’s 5th International Symposium on Tunnelling/Shanghai pp.1041~1056 2011.11 new technology, underground construction, soft ground
Mitsutaka Sugimoto
Yasushi Arai
Yoshio Nishida
Koji Kayukawa
Wataru Sato
Minoru Kuriki
Study on Shield Tunnel Database on Construction Data ICITG - Shanghai 2010 1st International Conference on Information Technology in Geo-Engineering   pp.50~57 2010.9 underground structure, tunnel, database
Takahiro Konda
Hossain M Shahin
Teruo Nakai
Numerical Analysis for Backside Ground Deformation Behaviour Due to Braced Excavation 9th World Congress on Computational Mechanics and 4th Asia Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics     2010.7 retaining wall, excavation, deformation, earth pressure, anchor, numerical analysis
Hirotaka Arimoto
Tadashi Hashimoto
Tomoyuki Iida

Tamio Shimogami
Geohydrolic Charactereristics of Aquifers in the Osaka Plains Proc. of the Fourth Japan-China Geotechnical Symposium The Japanese Geotechnical Society pp.100~103 2010.4 ground water, permeability, seepage, drainage
High-Resolution Geological Survey by High Frequency Seismic Wave Proc. of International Joint Symposium on Geodisaster Prevention and Geoenvironment in Asia     2009.11 ground suvey,
dynamic property of soil, foundation and pile
Tadashi Hashimoto Preservation of Natural Ground Water Flow for Underground Construction Proc. of China's 4th International Symposium on Tunnelling   pp.66~74 2009.10 underground structure, shield tunnling, ermeability, infiltration, drainage
Interpretation of International Parallel Test on the Measurement of Gmax Using Bender Elements Soils and Foundations Vol.49,No.4 pp.631~650 2009.8 soil test, stress and doformation of soil

Doctoral Dissertations

Author Department Degree Title School Year
Konda Takahiro Geotechnical Analysis Group Dr.Eng Study on the Deformation Behavior of Ground Due to Braced Excavation Nagoya Institute of Technology Mar.2009
Liu Yujian Geotechnical Analysis Group Dr.Eng Study on Bearing Capacity Characteristic and its Deformation Mechanism in Horizontal and Slope Ground Tokushima University Sept.2007
Shirakawa Kazuyasu Survey&Measure Group. Dr.Eng Study on the Yield Characteristics of Sand by Acoustic Emission Technology Kobe University Aug.1996
Ueta Yasuhiro Business Development Dept. Dr.Eng Back Analysis of Strength Parameters for Landslide Control Works Tokushima University Mar.1994

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